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Buzz Machine is a blog I’ve only recently started following, but its writer, Jeff Jarvis, had a post this morning that caught my interest: What’s a Medium? In it, the journalism prof talks about how his school, CUNY (City University of New York) isn’t making students choose a track to concentrate on anymore (print/radio/broadcast), because you have to be able to do them all now. The sentence that caught my attention, though, was this one:

Or a student who comes in with good skills in those electronic media may choose to strengthen skills in what we used to call print (we’re not sure what to call it now so we’re calling that core). [emphasis added]

If this doesn’t point to how desperately print publications (ie/ newspapers) have to change the way they do journalism, I don’t know what does. The newspaper journalists who survive this change in our profession are going to be the ones who can do everything: take photos and audio and video and be able to present them in a meaningful, useful way online. I think a lot of print journalists are wary of this, scared of it maybe. But again, I think it’s exciting. It presents so many more ways we can tell a story. Yes, it’s more work. And requires training that some organizations don’t have the budgets for right now, which is incredibly, incredibly sad.

But it’s true that the “print” aspect, the writing and everything that goes into that process, will remain at the core.


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