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Blog Central is one of the first sites I started visiting regularly when I became an Internet news freak. I was initially pulled into it through Paul Wells’s blog, Inkless Wells, which I started reading on a daily basis four or five years ago. Wells would link to his colleagues quite regularly, and I would sit and read their posts often enough that I decided to start seeing them myself. For actual commentary on Parliament Hill and Canadian politics in general, delivered quickly and generally with wit, there isn’t a better place to go.

I say “commentary” rather than “news” because that’s what this blog is good for — that and the liveblogging of various parliamentary committees provided by Kady O’Malley at ITQ (Inside the Queensway). This site shows how a newsmagazine, which publishes weekly, can actually be a news leader, day-to-day, online. Daily newspapers could learn something from this, because Macleans has gone and done what a bunch of news organizations are still talking about doing: namely, providing up-to-the-minute news online and something meatier in their print product. (I subscribe to Macleans and read that sucker cover to cover.)

One criticism I have of the site is that its RSS feeds can’t be broken out. I use Google Reader (for where the tip on that came from, see the next post) and tried adding Blog Central or just Inkless Wells to it, but all I could get was the one generic Macleans feed, which delivered a bunch of news items that clogged up my reader and just annoyed me. If I had my druthers, I would be able to subscribe exclusively to the Canada Blog of Blog Central, which includes all the political bloggers. The arts/entertainment blog posts are sometimes interesting, but not enough for me to have them flowing into my Reader.


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